About us

112 Years of expertise


About Us 2Our Mission

To provide the agriculture and construction industries with state of the art equipment and the knowledgeable product support they need to succeed in today’s competitive global economy.

Our Heritage

Today Berchtold Equipment stands stronger than ever. With more than 112 years of experience and expertise, we provide our customers a unique combination of professional service and personal touch. Our roots run deep in the communities we serve. Even in years of economic decline we’ve strived to maintain full employment while still supporting local charities and events. Ask about our heritage in the communities we serve and you’re sure to hear about the positive impact we’ve made on them.

Our Employees

Finding, training, and retaining high-quality personnel continues to be a core objective of the company. We have long believed that maintaining a productive and driven workforce is essential for growth and development. The strongest assets we have at our disposal are the individual employees who go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of our customers.

As a testament to the quality work environment and rewarding work provided by the company, many of our employees have exceeded ten, twenty, and thirty years of service.

Our Customers

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to establish deep and meaningful connections with the oldest and largest producers and contractors in our territories. Our products allow them to produce the plentiful crops that feed and clothe populations around the world. Berchtold also plays a significant role in the construction and oil field industries by providing the specialized equipment contractors need. No matter how big or small, we proudly support our customers and admire all the hard work they do to change the world for the better.

The Future

A century ago Berchtold Equipment was a single store on a quiet corner. Today our three large retail locations, and more than eighty full-time employees, serve some of the largest farming and construction companies in the world. Planning for the future has always been a priority here at Berchtold and we are confident that our time-tested strategies will enable us to continue expanding and grow in the years to come.