TK4000 Crawler

The most challenging conditions are no match for tracks. The TK4000 Series crawler tractors add sleek styling, operating efficiency and ergonomic design to a powerful legend. You’ll go where conventional wheeled tractors can’t with a choice of four distinct models:

  • TK4030V – When only the narrowest will do, this model delivers 64 PTO hp in a width of only 46.1 inches.
  • TK4050 – The ultimate all-purpose solution, with a narrow 55.5-inch width and 83 PTO hp.
  • TK4050M – A low height, wide track and overall width of 68.9 inches allows this mountain version to operate safely on a 20% steeper slope than wheeled tractors. 
  • The TK4060 – 88 PTO hp rises to the challenge of big tillage and PTO applications.