New Holland Stackcruiser® 105

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At 190 horsepower, today’s Stackcruiser® self propelled bale retrievers deliver more power and efficiency than ever before—just what you need to handle long days of loading, hauling and stacking.


Not only can they work longer in the field before needing fuel, Stackcruiser self-loading balewagons feature engines that share the New Holland family ECOBlue™ clean air technology and meet Tier 4 Final low emissions standards to save fuel and go easy on the environment.


In the field or on the road, the Stackcruiser five-speed automatic transmission with lock-up torque converter provides excellent speed matching ability. First gear provides a slower ground speed for increased productivity in high-density crops, while the overdrive in fifth gear allows for fast 50-mph road transport.


Two hydraulic systems with three pumps provide plenty of flow where it’s needed when loading bales in the field. The result—faster cycle times, particularly when working with large square bales and the Mil-Stak clamp.
A 7.0-gpm (gallons per minute) gear pump provides flow for the power steering, brake booster and the park brake.
An 18.0-gpm gear pump supplies the hydraulic motors that operate the bale loader and cross conveyor.
A 31.5-gpm piston pump provides flow for the closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system that provides flow to the cylinders that require higher flow.


First table and/or auxiliary first table flow control valves allow you to adjust bale delivery speed if you deal with bales that vary greatly in weight.


A cooling fan reverser automatically reverses the fan after each load to help blow dirt out of the radiator and intercooler and remove chaff from the radiator screen.


Two hydraulic valve manifolds — one for the gear pumps and one for the piston pump — provide easy servicing. A sight gauge on the hydraulic tank takes only a glance to monitor the oil level. A convenient service door provides easy access to the radiator and swing-out oil coolers. Four-piston rear disc brakes provide smooth braking performance and easy servicing compared to drum brakes.


A heavy-duty front axle allows every Stackcruiser hay bale wagon to accept the payload capacity requirements of the Mil-Stak large bale handling attachment. The Mil-Stak attachment can be removed easily so you can switch from handling large 3’x3’ or 3’x4’ rectangular bales back to picking up small square bales in no time.


A two-speed rear axle with automatic locking rear differential keeps you moving in slippery or uneven conditions — a clear advantage when working with heavy large bales. A rocker switch gives you control of the two-speed rear axle.


Stackcruiser® 105
Overall length
Overall length cm (in) 953 (375)
Overall width
Loader raised, stabilizers off cm (in) 295 (116) w/ BB loader
Loader raised, stabilizers at widest position cm (in) NA
Loader down, stabilizers at widest position cm (in) 505 (199), w/bale clamp fully open, no stabilizers
Overall height cm (in) NA
Overall height to top of stabilizers cm (in) NA
Clearance needed to unload cm (in) w/ 91 cm x 91 cm (3 ft x 3 ft) bales: 553 (218) - w/ 91 cm x 122 cm (3 ft x 4 ft) bales: 571 (225)
Ground clearance
Front axle cm (in) 24 (9 5/8)
Rear axle cm (in) 25 (10) @ diff. housing, 15 (6) at leaf spring U-bolts
Track width (center to center)
Front axle cm (in) 206 (80.25)
Rear axle cm (in) 191 (75)
Wheelbase cm (in) 447 (176)
Total with fuel, oil, and coolant kg (lbs) 7889 (17392) w/Mil-Stak attachment
Gross vehicle weight kg (lbs) 14969 (33000)
Weight box (optional) kg (lbs) 48 (106) empty; 275 (600) full
Maximum power at rated speed kW (hp) 142 (190)
Aspiration Turbocharged & after cooled
Number of cylinders / displacement l (cu. in.) 6 / 6.7 (408)
Type Allison 2500 RDS (Rugged Duty Service), 5-speed automatic
Rear Axle
Type Dana Spicer 22065T, 2-speed w/ locking rear differential
Front 4x70 Quadratic (4 piston) disc brakes, 15 in / 38 cm
Rear 4x70 Quadratic (4 piston) disc brakes, 15-3/8 in / 39 cm
Hydraulic system
Type Dual: open center and closed center
Open center system
Pump type/system served Gear/Power steering, brake booster, park brake
Maximum flow l/min (gpm) 26.5 (7.0)
Relief pressure bar (psi) 159 (2300)
Pump type/system served Gear/Mil-Stak loader
Maximum flow l/min (gpm) 70 (18)
Relief pressure bar (psi) 159 (2300)
Closed center system pump
Pump type/system served Load-sensing variable piston/cylinders
Maximum flow l/min (gpm) 119 (31.5)
Relief pressure bar (psi) 141 (2050)
Standby pressure bar (psi) 12.4 (180)
Tire size
Front 385/65R 22.5 Tubeless
Rear 445/50R 22.5 Tubeless
Sizes capable - Height x Width x Length cm (in) 91 cm x 91 cm x 244 (3 ft x 3 ft x 8 ft) or 91 cm x 122 cm x 244 (3 ft x 4 ft x 8 ft)
Optimum length of bale for best tie-tier NA
Bale capacity
36 cm x 46 cm x 91-104 cm (14 in x 18 in x 36-41 in) NA
41 cm x 46 cm x 91-104 cm (16 in x 18 in x 36-41 in) NA
41 cm x 46 cm x 112-122 cm (16 in x 18 in x 44-48 in) NA
3-Tie bales (all sizes) x 117 cm (46 in) NA
91 cm x 91 cm x 244 (3 ft x 3 ft x 8 ft) 15 (w/Mil-Stak attachment)
91 cm x 122 cm x 244 (3 ft x 4 ft x 8 ft) 10 (w/Mil-Stak attachment)
Bale weight
36 cm x 46 cm x 91-104 cm (14 in x 18 in x 36-41 in) kg (lbs) NA
41 cm x 46 cm x 91-104 cm (16 in x 18 in x 36-41 in) kg (lbs) NA
41 cm x 46 cm x 112-122 cm (16 in x 18 in x 44-48 in) kg (lbs) NA
3-Tie bales (all sizes) x 117 cm (46 in) kg (lbs) NA
Maximum weight of load kg (lbs) 7080 (15608)
Maximum height cm (in) 455 (179), w/91 cm x 91 cm (3 ft x 3 ft) bales, 488 (192, w/91 cm x 122 cm (3 ft x 4 ft) bales
Maximum width cm (in) 183 x 244 (72 x 96)) w/91 cm x 91 cm (3 ft x 3 ft) bales, 183 x 244 (72 x 96) w/91 cm x 122 cm (3 ft x 4 ft) bales
Fuel tank l (gal) 261 (69)
DEF tank l (gal) 47 (12.4)

NOTE: The Stackcruiser 105 is not equipped with side stabilizer, small square bale loader or first table.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust (including diesel engine exhaust when equipped), lead and lead compounds, mineral oils, soots, phthalates, and carbon monoxide which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.