Flory 8600

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Almonds | Walnuts | Macadamia | Pecans
  • Growers have reported up to 50% less dust generated and 65% less fan wear.
  • Flory has positioned the operator in the center of the machine for safety and comfort.
  • In heavy, wet trash, the 8600 is able to continue harvesting when others are stopped.
  • The 8600 features a video camera to view the cart as it is loading.
  • A hydraulic hitch is standard along with simple hydraulic shaft drives.
  • The turbo-charged Tier III John Deere engine is placed up front behind the operator resulting in a cleaner environment and easy access for service.
  • Also standard is the "fail-safe" parking brake system that automatically engages when the engine is off.


Engine: John Deere 4045HF285 125HP
Height: 88 in
Weight: 11,700 lbs
Length: 21.5 ft
Width: 101 in
Fuel Capacity: 50 gal
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 40 gal
Speed: Low Range 0 - 7.9 mph | High Range 0 - 14 mph
Pick-up Width: 48 in
Cleaning Chain Width: 48 in
Front Tires: 11L015L 12ply (Tubeless) 35 psi
Rear Tires: 400/60x15 5 14 ply (Tubeless) 50 psi