Doosan DL200TC-5 Wheel Loader

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Loading and carrying is just the beginning. Thanks to a parallel-lift linkage system, the Doosan DL200TC-5 wheel loader can operate many common attachments. Use the DL200TC-5 to move pallets, pipe and other materials around your jobsite. With one machine that can do it all, you'll reduce your need for additional equipment.

With the high lift option, you’ll gain additional lift height and reach. Easily load materials like cement, coal, grain, fertilizer, or waste into high-sided trucks, hoppers or mixers. High lift is ideal for processing plants, scrap and recycling facilities, and agricultural operations.

With increased visibility down the center of the parallel-lift arms, you can see the ground, truck or work area in front of the machine when placing loads. In addition, the parallel-lift linkage system keeps the work tool flat as it is lifted rather than rolling back, an advantage when lifting pallets and other loads that need to stay level.

Built for power from the ground up, the DL200TC-5 features a hydrostatic transmission. That means more power, improved fuel efficiency, and improved precision while you’re working. Key features of the hydrostatic drive include dynamic braking and speed management.

With dynamic braking, when you remove your foot from the travel control pedal, the system will naturally reduce the flow of oil, causing the machine to slow, meaning less wear on the brakes and reduced energy consumption.

Speed management lets you adjust your maximum travel speed independently from your engine speed. Control your engine speed for optimal lift arm or attachment performance then choose one of the seven travel speed presets that’s right for your work.

Traction control gives you the ability to easily adjust traction force to match jobsite conditions. Reduce wheel slippage for more efficient operation in digging, stockpiling & loading applications or when operating certain attachments. Three traction modes are available:

  • Max: Provides maximum traction force.
  • Traction Control: Allows the operator to choose from three levels of reduced traction forces to match jobsite conditions.
  • Slip: Optimized primarily for slippery roadway conditions.

Instantly return to the max traction mode by pressing the kick-down button on the joystick control or directional control lever. Further optimize your operation by choosing the best power mode for your work. Choose between power mode, standard mode, eco mode, and auto idle.

  • Economy Mode: Minimizes fuel use and engine sound levels in load and carry operations.
  • Power Model: Delivers the highest level of performance during demanding tasks.
  • Standard Mode: Provides optimized fuel consumption for general work.

To reduce fuel, lower machine noise and improve jobsite communication, auto idle automatically reduces the engine RPM to standby idle when the steering wheel or joystick control lever, isn’t utilized for a few seconds.

An intelligently designed cab makes it easy to focus on your work. You're surrounded by more foot space, class-leading visibility, automatic air conditioning, and ergonomically placed joystick controls. A standard color LCD display provides helpful maintenance history and monitoring information, including a fuel consumption gauge.


MODEL Doosan DL200TC-5
Rated Flywheel Power (Gross) 142.1 hp @ 2,200 rpm
Rated Horse Power (Net) 142.1 hp @ 2,200 rpm
Max. Torque (Net) 413 lbf·ft @ 1,400 rpm
Hydraulic System  
Main Pump: Displacement 44 cm³/rev
Boom Speed - Up (Loaded) 5.1 s (±0.5 s)
Boom Speed - Down 4.2 s (±0.4 s)
Bucket Speed - Dump 2.6 s (±0.3 s)
Main Pump: Max. Flow Rate (each) 47.55 gal/min
Main Pump: Main Relief Pressure 215 bar
Total Cycle Time 11.9 s (±0.3 s)
Travel System/Drive Mechanism  
Travel performance: Gradeability 29° @ 55 %
Traveling performance: Max. Tractive Effort 18,298 lb
Operating Weight 26,224 lb
Bucket Capacity 2 m³
Bucket Width 8' 4"
Hinge Pin Height 12' 6"
Dump reach at 45° (fully raised) 3' 1"
Dump height at 45° (fully raised) 8' 9"
Overall Height 10' 9"
Overall Length 23' 11"
Wheel Base 9' 6"
Ground Clearance 1' 5"
External Turning Radius at Bucket Edge 18' 9"
Static Tipping Load (Straight) 18,827 lb
Static Tipping Load (Full Turn) 16,623 lb
Breakout Force 21,357 lbf
Rear Axle Oscillation 22°
Travel Speed Forward - 1st gear 8.08 mph
Refill Capacities  
Fuel Tank 48.08 gal
Cooling System 8.06 gal
Hydraulic System 34.34 gal
Hydraulic Tank 34.08 gal


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust (including diesel engine exhaust when equipped), lead and lead compounds, mineral oils, soots, phthalates, and carbon monoxide which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.