Doosan DX380LL-5 Log Loader

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With roots in performance and strength, the Doosan DX380LL-5 log loader takes on the forestry industry’s challenging work environment with its rugged undercarriage and heavy-duty upper structure.

Created to take on difficult terrain, the DX380LL-5 features a high and wide undercarriage design. The undercarriage allows the DX380LL-5 to clear stumps, branches and traverse small inclines while maximizing stability with its wide footprint. The tracks feature durable links with double grouser shoes and full-length rock guards. The undercarriage also has heavy-duty top rollers with special clean-out brackets to reduce the risk of downtime while traveling through challenging terrain.

The upper structure offers superior protection against some of the toughest work environments. It features durable guards along the front, side, the arm cylinder and the boom cylinder. LED lighting helps operators spot obstacles when there is little sunlight. The cab features a 4 ft.riser with guarding and for transport, a hydraulic lift.

A multi-function color LCD display shows a variety of machine information, including operation history, flow rate control and filter/oil information. On the DX380LL-5, this display also receives video from the rear-facing camera or optional, side-mounted camera. You can also reduce operating costs by monitoring your Doosan heavy equipment and maintenance schedules with Doosan Telematics.  

In addition to high durability, the DX380LL-5 includes multiple features that help increase production. The DX380LL-5 offers high swing torque and long reach for quick picking, moving and placing of heavy loads. Contributing to operator productivity, the pattern change valve allows operators to toggle between control patterns without hassling with hydraulic hoses. 

The DX380LL-5 also includes fuel-saving features and systems. Auto-shutdown turns off the engine after reaching a preset idle time, which reduces fuel consumption. Operators can adjust this idle time from 3 to 60 minutes. The Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS) links the hydraulic system and engine control for productivity while minimizing fuel consumption.

Choose from Standard Mode for optimized fuel consumption and general working conditions, Power Mode for faster cycle times and heavy-duty work requirements or Economy Mode for reduced fuel consumption in reduced demand applications. Save fuel with auto-idle, and be more productive with precisely controlled hydraulic flow rates.


Collapse All Specifications Doosan DX380LL-5
Rated Flywheel Power (Gross) 317.8 hp @ 1,800 rpm
Rated Horse Power (Net) 312.5 hp @ 1,800 rpm
Max. Torque (Net) 976 lbf·ft @ 1,300 rpm
Engine Emissions Tier (EPA) n/a
Hydraulic System  
Main Pump: Displacement 9,300 cm³/rev
Control Valve: Relief Valve Pressure (Normal) 387.49 kgf/cm²
Control Valve: Relief Valve Pressure (Boost) 387.49 kgf/cm²
Main Pump: Max. Flow Rate (each) 95.1 gal/min
Main Pump: Main Relief Pressure 343 bar
Upper Rollers: Quantity Per Side 2
Lower Rollers: Quantity Per Side 9
Track Length 18' 0"
Track Link: Track Gauge 9' 7"
Swing Mechanism  
Swing Performance: Max Swing Torque 129876 lbf·ft
Swing Performance: Max Swing Speed (At Efficiency) 7.7 rpm
Travel System/Drive Mechanism  
Travel performance: Traction Force (Highest Value) 284 lbf·ft @ 85 %
Travel performance: Traveling Speed - Low (XXX/) 1.8 mph
Travel performance: Traveling Speed - High (/XXX) 3.23 mph
Travel performance: Gradeability 35° @ 70 %
Operating Weight 113,538 lb
Standard Boom Length 23.33 ft
Standard Arm Length 15.58 ft
Shoe Width 2' 3"
Shipping Height - Hose (With Attachment) 11' 6"
Shipping Length (Without Attachment) 53' 11"
Shipping Width (Standard) 11' 11"
Overall Height Over Cab 15' 7"
Maximum Loading Height n/a
Working Range  
Max Digging Reach (Ground) 43' 4"
Max Digging Depth 13' 7"
Max Loading Height 38' 5"
Refill Capacities  
Fuel Tank 158.5 gal
Engine Oil 9.51 gal
Hydraulic Tank 73.97 gal
Noise Level: Guaranteed Sound Power Level 104 dBA
Noise Level: Operator 69 dBA
Lift Capacity  
Lifting Capacity over front @ Horizontal Distance - 10 ft Above Ground 43,669 lb @ 9.84 ft
Lifting Capacity over front @ Horizontal Distance - Ground Level 42,580 lb @ 0 ft
Lifting Capacity over front @ Horizontal Distance - 10 ft Below Ground 35,521 lb @ -9.84 ft


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust (including diesel engine exhaust when equipped), lead and lead compounds, mineral oils, soots, phthalates, and carbon monoxide which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.