Flory 480

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The Flory 480 Harvesters feature a 48" straight-thru, 3 stage tumbling action that provides maximum dirt separation for superior cleaning performance.

Flory's proven pickup system and the 3200 square inches of cleaning chain, ahead of the hivolume suction fan, results in less fan wear, cleaner crops, and a cleaner harvesting environment.

This cleaning concept gives you the high harvesting capacity for those big crops and heavy leaf conditions.

Contact Flory for the harvesting facts that give you more performance and less maintenance.


Height: 81 in
Weight: 4,900 lbs
Length: 19 ft
Width: 90 in
Pick-up Width: 48 in
Cleaning Chain Width: 48 in
Front Tires: 27 x 9500 - 15
Rear Tires: 31 x 1350 - 15
PTO RPM: 540
Min HP: Almonds - 60 | Walnuts - 70 | Pecans - 80
Options: Auger Drive Kit | Hydraulic Hitch Kit | Front Sweep Kit | Power Pak Kit